Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 21

Feeling really good today! I started the kettlebell traning yesterday and went on a 6 mile hike at Bays with the hubby. Wanting to drop four more pounds by the end of this month to reach my next goal weight. However, I am really seeing the change happen in the mirror!

I have a very busy week a head of me and my next weigh in and pic will be first weekend in March. Planning hiking trip that weekend as well as some much needed swimming and R&R.

Keeping the Fat intake around 100gm a  day
                   Carbs under 50gm a day
                    protein arround 110gm a day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 12

So a quick update...This is day 12, things are going great! I could tell I really need to start toning. Weight is coming off, not much in pounds as in inches! I will take either or at this point. Cooking at work hasn't been a big issue yet, Still eating paleo without any problems :)  I ordered the Extreme Kettlebell Cardio workout from Dragon Door.  Looking forward to seeing great results with it and working out in kickboxing. I shoud start seeing things tone and firm really quick.
Also, I have a new Paleo follower...My husband!
He's loving this new lifestyle change, He looks great! (I couldn't help but take notice today) It's wonderful having someone share this experience with me.

Im so very happy with the turns in my life right now. Couldn't do this without my wonderful hubby and boys.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scratch the Salmon

After 3 attempts to place my order at Cheddars. I went to the store and bought stuff to make my own supper. I took a pic of what my meals typically look like. Now I did add a small sweet potatoe with it. And of coure water.
Now finish out my night awaiting more snow :/

Hard day

Ugh....so I'm at work today and  its so hard not to crave everything!!
Tonight for sup I'm having grilled salmon, broccoli, carrots and having a little cheat with some spinach dip.
Looking forward to getting back to kickboxing next week!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Reads

To finish out my day

Lunch i skipped..wasnt hungry at all.
Dinner..salad with sun-dried tomato chicken sauasge and as always no dressing (yuck)
Glass of unsweented tea

Learning from Adam Farrah http://www.practicalpaleolithic.com/
He talks about fasting and your workouts. Like me im never hungry in the mornings and can go till noon before eating.

So with his readings im gonna skip the treadmill tonight hit it at 530 am like i use to.
This is the end of week one...My sleep habits have imporved! I no longer need to take a sleep aid. I fall fast asleep within minutes. Im able to keep going all day, my energy levels are up!!

End of week 1

Ok, so im a little disappointed after the first week. Don't get me wrong, I feel great!! But I only lost 2lbs and dropped 3.15% in body fat. I guess given that during this 7 days i worked 80 hours with few hours sleep and not much working out. I have hit the treadmill three times time week going 2.5 miles each time and played 2 hours of tennis yesterday in the cold! Yeah..Im soooo ready for summer!!

Im going to up my workouts and push myself harder this next 7 days and see what happens. I had no cheat days and thought i was following the Paleo very well. Any tips would be great!
I do drink water all day, thats how I have always been. I don't drink cokes, never touched coffee (yuck) So my fluid intake is water, unsweet tea once a day, and ginger ale once a day.

Breakfeat this morn:
2 egg whites
2oz of roasted porkloin left over from last night
6 grapes

Monday, February 7, 2011

My first entry


Im on day 6 of the Paleo challenge and  its great.  Really this is an easy diet to follow. If you follow Robbs meal plan for 30 days I promise you will be amazed. My only problem is learning to eat all this meat. I find I stay full longer and if Im not hungry I will workout and do a  fasting.  I will post my first end of week results tomorrow. Im trying to keep a journal of my foods and will post pics of a few meals. Remember..this is still all new and im learning as I go.